Lynzi Anderson

Favourite Food: It would probably be easier to just list the foods that aren’t my favourite; olives and cheesecake.

How Long have you been into fitness: Since I can remember.

How has fitness impacted your life?  Fitness has always been an important aspect of my life, from playing rugby on Team Canada to pursuing my career in Fire Fighting.

What music is currently playing on your headphones in the gym? Mostly mash ups or remixes with >120 bpm

What is your future fitness goal?   The reason I am so heavily involved with fitness is for functionality. I’m a 5’4”, 140lbs female that has to be able to do the exact same tasks and skills as any other fire fighter. Therefore, my goal is to be strong and fit enough to be successful and excel as a fire fighter.

Tell an interesting thing or two about you.  I think I might hold the record for the most useless and strange talents. I can scream incredibly loud with my mouth closed, cross my eyes one at a time, touch my nose with my tongue, hold my breath for 1:40 and can jump up and down with a spoon on my nose without it falling off.

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

An ant cause they can carry things 50x their body weight